Our Contact Information

1)      Telephone: 1-800-476-3010 or 1-800-277-8762

2)      Email:  ITSupport@southlandbenefit.com

3)      Website: https://www.southlandbenefit.com/ContactUs.aspx


Reporting Problems

Southland Benefit Solutions' (“Southland”) information is extremely valuable and must be protected from prohibited disclosure, revision, use, or destruction. Additionally, Southland recognizes that its systems are critical to the success of the company and servicing the needs of customers.

The company has developed policies and procedures to help ensure that systems are available and that data is protected. In the event that one of Southland's customers or business associates becomes aware of an incident, the customer or business associate can report the incident to Southland using the contact information provided at the top of this page. Examples of an incident are potential data breach or system unavailability. Business associates in particular are expected to report discovered incidents to Southland if they have not already been informed that Southland is aware of the incident.


When reporting an incident, all relevant information should be provided. The information provided when reporting an incident may include the following:

-      Name and phone number of the person reporting the incident.

-      The date when the person reporting the incident became aware of the incident.

-      The specific location or locations where the incident may have originated or that are affected by the incident.

-      A detailed description of the problem, including any other individuals who may be aware of or have been involved in the origination of the incident.