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Southland Benefit Solutions is proud to have had the opportunity to administer the Supplemental Benefits Plan for Alabama's Public Education Employees since 1983.

We appreciate all of the kind comments we have received through the years, both from participants and providers.

Thank You!

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We believe that this site has the ability to make your lives easier regarding supplemental benefits information and claim filing.

You can use this site as a resource for downloading information about your benefits as well as claim forms.

You can also browse the State of Alabama's PEEHIP site here.

Send us e-mail to ask questions about PEEHIP coverages or policies.

Note: Please include the insured's contract number if you are inquiring about individual coverages. This will enable us to provide faster and better quality service!

If you would like to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the 2004 PEEHIP Supplemental Benefits Plan, as administered by Southland Benefit Solutions, click on the hyperlink below. See below for a link that will enable you to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PEEHIP 2004 Supplemental Benefits Plan Adobe Acrobat Format

Get Acrobat Reader You can download more PEEHIP forms right here.  Please print these forms and mail them back to Southland Benefit Solutions at:

Supplemental Claims
Southland Benefit Solutions
P.O. Box 1250
Tuscaloosa, AL   35403

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DentaNet News

Alabama education employees who are members of the PEEHIP supplemental dental benefit plan administered by Southland Benefit Solutions have the opportunity to save money on dental services.

PEEHIP has agreed to allow its dental members to use Southland Benefit Solutions' DentaNet network of approved dentists. These dentists, located across the state of Alabama, have agreed to accept a fee schedule that is typically lower than what dentists normally charge. Prospective dentists are selected based on location, reputation, stability within the community and professional credentials and licenses.

PEEHIP dental subscribers can choose to receive treatment from a DentaNet dentist and will only be responsible for their co-payments (20 percent for individual coverage or 40 percent for family coverage). Members will not be balance billed since network dentists have agreed to accept the DentaNet fee schedule as payment in full for services rendered.

There are no registration or sign up requirements for this plan. Members do not have to "raise their hands" and choose to be on this program. All you have to do is go to a dentist who is a member of the DentaNet network. PEEHIP dental plan members WILL NOT BE REQUIRED to use a DentaNet dentist.  SOUTHLAND IS SIMPLY OFFERING THIS OPTION TO PEEHIP MEMBERS.  Remember, if you choose to receive treatment from a DentaNet dentist when one is available it should save money for both you and PEEHIP.

Over the last year since we announced this program, response from Alabama dentists has been overwhelming. We still don't have dentists in every county in Alabama, but we're getting there.

Thanks to all of you PEEHIP members for your help and thanks to all of the Alabama dentists who have supported their PEEHIP patients by joining DentaNet!

If you need to see a listing of DentaNet providers in Alabama click here.

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