Southland Benefit Solutions, LLC (SBS) is a third party administrator located in Tuscaloosa, AL. SBS began offering benefit solutions in 1983 by securing an administrative service contract with the Retirement Systems of Alabama to administer a self-insured benefit program for the Alabama Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Plan. This contract includes the administration of dental, vision, cancer and indemnity plans. SBS continues to serve, over 25 years, Alabama’s public education employees to this day. The Company holds similar contracts with the Alabama State Employees’ Health Insurance Plan, the Local Governments’ Health Insurance Plan, the Drummond Companies, Cullman Regional Medical Center and several other groups.

In addition SBS began marketing a discount vision plan and fully insured group dental coverage in 1999. Currently, we serve over 160 groups of all sizes with our fully insured products. Our dental network of providers, “DentaNet”, includes over 1,200 locations and is the largest independent network in Alabama. Nationally, the DenteMax network is available to all our members.

With well over 250,000 covered lives, the Company processes tens of thousands of claims per month with an accuracy rate of better than 99%. More than 97.5% of claims are processed within 10 days of receipt. Our customer service representatives average more than 10,000 calls per month with an abandon rate of less than 2%. Since we do not use an IVR system, all of our member’s calls are answered by a “live” person, and still, the average wait time is less than 15 seconds. This is why Southland regularly receives high marks from our administrative service and insured customers regarding claims processing and customer service.

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